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Menus this weekend are turning their attention to matters of the heart. If you’ve still not secured a reservation you might still luck out if you’re quick. Check out our full roundup of Valentines specials here. Also, in other menu news, here are a few more to keep an eye on.

Flourish Bakery – What do you do when Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras both fall on ostensibly the same long weekend(ish)? You eat. You eat well. O.k. I mean, you buy cake, because thats the top of the food pyramid right. Right?

Check out those beauties (pictured above) from Midvale’s Flourish Bakery, the seasonally apt king cake and Persian love cakes. Not only is this one of the current locations you’ll find the impeccable-talents of Amber Billingsley at work – its also a Barkery with a mission. Do you honestly need any more excuses to go stuff your face silly? No, no you don’t.

Cinder Pig

You’ll be hearing about these guys a lot more this year, but here’s a quick synopsis. Cinder Pig is Jerry Pacheco’s latest home-spun effort. Legit Carolina style pulled pork cooked over wood. Food lovers might well note Pachecho’s name from his days as sous at Bambara, Pallet before that, the co-helm of the briefly excellent Blue Marlin.

Anyway, the ‘pig have a special Valentines menu right now, namely:

  • Blue Hopi & Golden Bantam Cornbread 
  • Crispy Brussels Sprouts   Bacon, Shaved Apple, Cider Vinaigrette 
  • Duck Fat Mac & Cheese  Beehive Promontory Cheddar, Toasted Bread Crumbs
  • Wood Fired, Whole Hog Pulled Pork  Mustard Sauce or Lexington Dip 
  •  Banana Bread-Cornbread Bread Pudding  ‘Nilla Wafer Streusel, Buttermilk Caramel Sauce  
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Cost is $29, act fast.

Spitz – There’s a brand new dish at the Uber-popular meditaranean street food joint. The new street greek gyro comes with choice of protein, feta, Berliner sauce, tzatziki, onion, tomatoes – and because why the hell not – fries wrapped up in a pillowy pita. Priced at $8.50

Mr Charlie’s Chicken Fingers – Over at the Murray’s based chicken-finger experts there’s an all new dish on the menu: Chicken & Waffles. The dish comes with a mottled waffle, three of Charlie’s signature fingers, Vermont maple syrup and butter – price is $9.49. There’s a chicken-sans option with waffle only for $6.79 but what’s the point of that.

Speaking of which…

Penny Ann’s gobbles up half of Mr. Charlie

Chicken and waffles (Mr Charlies Chicken Fingers)
Chicken and waffles (Mr Charlies Chicken Fingers)

This little presser went under the radar the other week which I found pretty interesting. The Willey family behind the group of Penny Ann’s Cafe businesses are now 50% owners in Murray’s Mr Charlie’s Chicken Fingers; home to both Southern-style chicken fingers and Post Malone sightings.

The newly teamed duo write the chief update will be to standardize hours to 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday. That and maybe some potential Charlie-expansion, Paul Willey noting,  “We are excited to work with Bartley to help grow the business and open more locations.”

Savory Fund scores trio of nods

Another local group growing, albeit ones with bulging pockets of VC cash, Savory Fund. QSR magazine just name checked three of the businesses fast-casual concepts as ones to watch; R&R, Mo’ Bettah’s, and the as yet here in Utah, but you betcha it will be here soon, the wincingly-monikered Crack Shack.

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In other news

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